Web Summit 2016 Review

Europe’s tech crowd gathered for the most important event of the year – #websummit.

Goodbye Mobile World Congress, Farewell Cebit. Everybody who cares about disruptive technologies, startups and web-shaped society came these days to Lisbon.

From politics to entrepreneurs to professional surfers and fashion influencer we all use the Web.

We were over 50 thousand people, taking over Portugals capital city. The number is immense! Think about what it means it terms of logistics, scheduling, communication…

The organisation team did a really great job. I’ve never seen such a genious event marketing. They started early. Just a year in advance, different updates came in my mailbox. All about attendee numbers, confirmed speakers and whats next.

They even did a roadtrip and visited probably every city in Europe with a small hipster bus. And leveraged their community, asking registered attendies for help with location and so on.

What also impressed me was a speaker and attendies mix. Big names from the Valley along with investors, media, startups and established companies. One could find literally everything.

There was a drawback, of course. Bringing in such a number of attendees is an effort, but to run it smoothly is another one. There’ve been immense queues starting in the tube up to the entrance. Insufficient signage made me to drop half of the planned agenda, since it was quite impossible to get from one talk to another in time. The conference app crashed several times. It was to big to create a feeling of community.  So I hope the Web Summit team will use time till the next event to fix this problems.

Nevertheless I’ve got some good leads from there, which made it worth travel.




Here are also some facts about Web Summit:

  • 53,056 people from 166 countries came to Lisbon

  • Those who couldn’t join us in Lisbon for Web Summit were watching our Centre Stage talks live on our Facebook page. They counted 4,207,053 views over the course of the three days. Catch up with all of the talks here.

  • 37,000km of fibre cable. Or in other words, enough to run to the peak of Mount Everest four times.

  • There were 34,700 seats set out for attendees to catch talks.

  • There were 17 stages for our 21 redesigned, standalone conferences and 677 world-class speakers.

  • 1,490 startups from across the globe

  • 1,300+ of the world’s most influential tech investors from the world’s leading funds joined us.

  • From Facebook’s and Amazon’s CTOs to Tinder founder Sean Rad to footballing greats Luis Figo and Ronaldinho, we had an incredible group of speakers.

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